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Basic Map Viewer Functionality

Click on the Zoom In tool on the toolbar and then drag a rectangle of area where you want to zoom.
Clicking on the Zoom Out Button zooms the map out one zoom level.
Click on the Pan tool on the toolbar and then click on the map to move in the direction you want to go. You move the mouse in the opposite way from the direction that you want to go, so if you want to move the map east you click on the right part of the map and drag you mouse left, moving the map right.
Clicking on the Zoom Full Button zooms the map out extent of the county.
Clicking on the Zoom Full Button zooms the map to your previous extent.
Clicking on the Clear Button, clears all the map graphics on the map and removes any search results that you may have had in the Report or Results window.
Clicking on the Print Button brings up the print dialog. (See printing topic for more details)
Identify Tool
Click on the Identify Tool on the toolbar and then click on the location on the map where you want to find GIS data. The Identify results appear on the left panel, in the Report window.
In order to identify features on the map the layers need to be turned on. In the example above, I turned on the Tarboro Zoning layer, and then clicked on a parcel and I got the parcel information as well as the zoning information for the parcel.
Google Streeview Tool
Click on the Streetview Tool in the toolbar and then click along a road in the map. A dialog box will show up in the center of the screen with the streetview imagery if there are some available for the location. You can resize the window and drag it anywhere on your desktop. To change the location of the streetview, click on the map again at a new location or navigate using the built in Google Controls. Follow the link for more information on how to use Google Streetview
Note: For most roads in the county Google has created streetview images. However not all roads have been driven. If the dialog window comes up with a blank image then you may have to select a new location.
This tool was developed using Google Streetview API.
Keyboard and Mouse Controls
  • Drag to pan
  • SHIFT + Click to recenter
  • SHIFT + Drag to zoom in
  • SHIFT + CTRL + Drag to zoom out
  • Mouse Scroll Forward to zoom in
  • Mouse Scroll Backward to zoom out
  • Use Arrow keys to pan
  • SHIFT + Double Click to Center and Zoom in
  • Click to Identify Features
  • + key to zoom in a level
  • - key to zoom out a level
Type in the address in the textbox. A suggestion list will appear in the drop down with valid addresses from Edgecombe County. Select the address you want and the map will zoom to the location.
To Reverse Geocode the address from the map, click on the   button on the Address tool and then click on the map. The point on the map will show the address it found in a tool tip. The point is matched against the address point layer and therefore the point returned will be the location of the address point not the location of the mouse click. If there is not an address point or structure with an address near the mouse click nothing will be returned.
Measurement Tool
To start a measurement click the Start button and then click on the map. Double click on the map when you want to finish.
Find Coordinates Tool
Enter the latitude/longitude coordinate pair in decimal degrees. The map will zoom to the location. If you want to interactively add coordinate points to the map click the coordinate tool and then click on the map.

Updates and Changes to the Viewer

November 19, 2013 - Code Changes

  • Added new print dialog, improved speed and added interface enhancements
  • Added tool to view measurement output by feet and by miles
  • Added tool to view result output in a table
  • Added current map coordinates to bottom left of the map screen
  • Bug fix for IE 8 browsers
  • Added Beta version of mobile browser application

About Map Viewer

This site is written using ESRI's Javascript API for ArcGIS Server.

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